Friday, February 3, 2012

Where have I been and where am I going? First post of 2012

Hmm... where have I been?  Regarding blogging, I have been reading but not posting since October.  Sorrry, it seemed like I was too busy to put out the effort.  Nothing needed saying either, but that might still be true.

Regarding last year, where have I been in 2011?  I can make a list for that.

Running related things first.
  • Marathons: ran 2 - Boston and Bob Potts, raced and PR'd 2 - Lehigh Valley and Marine Corps.  My PR improved almost 10 minutes over 2010.
  • Half Marathons: ran Chambersburg Half and raced Wineglass.  New PR at Wineglass by about 4 minutes (raced 2)
  • Ran 1 ultra - Holiday Lake 50k++ at not quite race effort and finished just under 6 hours and enjoyed it.
  • Ran a 5k and raced 2 10ks.  No true PRs at the 10k distance where both races seemed longer and my watch showed a PR pace.
  • Boston Marathon was a real fun experience overall and amazing in many ways.
  • I finished the year with 2116.3 miles, an average of about 40 miles per week. 
  • I paced friends in 3 of the above races rather than racing them myself and we met our goal on 2 of them.  One of the 10k races was a fundraiser for breast cancer research and I wore a pink shirt with ribbons!
  • I have been making progress on a bathroom project at home and have only about 10% still to do.
  • At church I have been teaching teens on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  I continue as assistant treasurer.  I was appointed as an Elder near the end of the year.
  • Rose and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary in July with a visit to Baladerry Inn near Gettysburg.  Our honeymoon included some time in the same town.
Looking ahead for 2012
  • I plan to do less running after a couple of key races - Holiday Lake 50k++ and Boston Marathon. My plan was to go for a big PR at Boston, but plantar fasciitis is interrupting my training.  I will be happy to finish both races without looking or being disabled. 
  • I will switch to working out with Rose and helping her reach fitness goals that she will set.
  • Church leadership responsibilities will take some more priority and probably stretch my comfort zone. 
  • Summer time should include a family reunion trip to Kansas.
  • In the bathroom there is some wall space to finish/paint and the tub to reglaze.  More home projects await after the bathroom is 100%.

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