Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Retracing the Walking Purchase of 1737

August 13 and 14, 2013

I had wanted to do this run for about three years.  I wrote about the idea in another post.  Here.

My sons Keith and Matt and I met up with my cousin Harvey and his life partner Dale to retrace a two day run that our 6th great grandfather Edward Marshall completed in 1737.  The run was done to set the boundary for a land purchase by the sons of William Penn to acquire land from the Lenni Lenape Indians in Eastern Pennsylvania.

His run covered about 65 miles.  Our retracing required 70 miles since we followed public roads.  The original running was intended to go as far as possible in a predetermined direction in a day and a half.  The first day allowed 12 hours and the second day allowed 6 hours.

I ran from his starting point to the end point of day one in a little under 11 hours and from that point to the final endpoint in under 6 hours.

Below are some links that help describe it.

My full report has been submitted (under contract) to Marathon and Beyond Magazine for the January/February 2014 issue.  (The magazine ceased publication in 2016.)
A proof copy of the article is at article

Dale posted about our adventure at blog entry.
Her photos are at photo link.
We got some news coverage in the Morning Call.  News report

Some of the photos...

Mural depicting the Walking Purchase by George Gray.  Displayed at Hotel Bethlehem

Starting where Edward Marshall did
This stone honors the Lenni Lenape Indians
Starting in heavy rain and running close to traffic


Food and water stops about every 3 miles

End of day one after 47 miles

Day two running included hills and mountains

Keith and Matt joined me for a mile of trail to bypass the highway

Pushing up the final climb

Team photo at the finish spot

Burying a time capsule

A surprise presentation

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